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More than ten years ago, we founded this company because we wanted to adopt a new approach to client service in the payments business.
With decades of combined experience, our launch team had all seen payments services firms over-promise and under-deliver, whether that be assuring clients that what they wanted would be possible in a few weeks – or that a “one size fits all” approach would work across 29 highly diverse European markets.

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TPL is determined to deliver the best client service in the business, believing that the quality of its services, attention to detail and focus on all aspects of a client’s requirements is what makes the firm stand out. With a range of services stretching from e- and m-wallets through to corporate payment solutions, ensuring the seamless integration of services is critical to delivering quality to clients.


For more than ten years, TPL’s executive team have been working with clients to launch hundreds of card programmes across Europe. This level of experience makes them unrivalled when it comes to knowing how best to approach the market and the right order in which clients should enter different markets across Europe.

Pan- European Reach

TPL works with clients across both the EU and EEA, 29 markets in total, Each of these markets has its own particular regulatory requirements, a fact which makes operating
across this range of markets in a wide range of service areas, from BIN sponsorship to new card products and all points in between, requires in-depth knowledge of each market’s needs – as well as EU

Seamless Delivery

No single client has the same set of needs – and as a result, there’s no overall “one size fits all” solution in payments services. TPL adopts an intensely consultative approach to its clients, understanding their needs and then applying the company’s shared experience and knowledge to get the best result for the client.


In a complex and dynamic market like payments, flexibility is vital to success – and it’s at the heart of how TPL operates.

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