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Transact Payments Ltd, along with Starling Bank have partnered with Bankable to provide their clients with a compelling, real-time full-service payments platform.

payments platform

With the partnership being initiated by Bankable, the three-way partnership enables them to deliver a unique payments platform through only one contract.

As well as being a PCI-DSS Level 1 service provider, Bankable are in the process of being ISO 27001 certified, providing a technology platform and full-service infrastructure, which makes access to the payments instruments possible. Bankable offers a suite of tools to deliver modern white label solutions and a state-of-the-art API, enabling clients to harness the full power of payment accounts, which are fully integrated into their existing software. Whilst Starling Bank will provide Bankable with access to the Faster Payment Scheme, BACS, and Settlement services, Transact Payments’ Electronic Money Institution license can be leveraged by Bankable to support the regulated aspects of financial services and support for the debit products.

The three-way partnership between Transact Payments, Starling Bank, and Bankable, allows Bankable to offer more nuanced and homogenised services to their clients, now having the ability to provide indirect access to the wider banking network in the United Kingdom, through the provision of dedicated or multi tenanted banking accounts.

Our Managing Director, Kriya Patel, has shared his thoughts on Transact Payment’s partnership with Bankable, stating that: “This latest partnership demonstrates Transacts Payment’s flexible and innovative approach to payment solutions, supporting this exciting new development with Bankable. We are excited to be working with both organisations with this project.”

CEO and Founder of Bankable, Eric Mouilleron, has also shared his thoughts on the partnership with Transact Payments Ltd and Starling Bank “We’re proud to have two great partners in Starling Bank and Transact Payments Ltd that allows Bankable to offer a real-time full-service payments platform to our clients. This is a true partnership that is beneficial to all partners and it puts us in an even better position to increase our market share and continue our growth journey. Bankable’s Banking as a Service enables our customers to focus on their brand, distribution, and client acquisition instead of reinventing the “infrastructure wheel”. With accelerated time to market and faster revenue generation, Bankable customers increase the value and attractiveness of their business”,

“Starling Bank’s work with Bankable and Transact Payments and its provision of real-time access to Faster Payments, together with safeguarding accounts, brings Banking as a Service to life together with Safe Guarding Accounts. In time, as our partnership progresses we will include BACS and access to the Single Europe Payments Area providing, the full suite of payments across both the UK and Europe.”  Julian Sawyer, COO at Starling Bank

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