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Making BIN sponsorship work harder for you

We work with programme managers, processors and businesses to deliver UK and European BIN sponsorship and modular prepaid, debit and credit services.

What makes us different from our competitors is that we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. We love working with innovative businesses looking to bring new ideas to market and we pride ourselves on our own ability to innovate alongside our clients to help them achieve the desired result.

What is BIN sponsorship?

BIN sponsorship is a single compliant connection between an organisation and the card scheme network, enabling transactions to be processed and cardholder funds settled.

In simple terms, our role as an e-money institution means that organisations can perform many of the operations of a financial institution through us. As Principal Members of both Mastercard and Visa in Europe we facilitate for those businesses wishing to have their own e-wallet account and run prepaid card programmes.

BIN multi-currencies

We provide active BIN and Sub-BIN ranges in 25 European countries and 17 different currencies.

What to look for from BIN sponsorship

Whether you are a programme manager or a business looking to work with an issuer for the first time, choosing a BIN sponsor can be tricky. So, what should you look for?

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The three pillars of BIN sponsorship

Not all BIN sponsors are created equally. Here are the three key factors you should consider when working with an issuer.

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To succeed in the world of finance, innovation must go hand in hand with legislation. Spending time, money and resources on developing the world’s greatest financial product means nothing if your solution does not meet regulatory requirements in local territories.

We are committed to doing things right. That means we will always be clear and transparent with you, helping to shape your product so that you are satisfied with the final result.

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Price is always a consideration and we understand that your product or solution is only viable if the proposition is a profitable one.

We promise to be among the most competitive issuers on the market. We believe in building long-term relationships that is mutually beneficial and supports your growth.

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Speed to market

Few industries are as fast-paced as FinTech. Not only do we promise to do more for our clients to keep make their products compliant and cost-effective, we also understand the value in being first through the door. From the seed of an idea to launch and beyond, our expertise enables us to get you up and running faster than our rivals.

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Payments Made Simple! Our mission is to become the global leader in providing payment service solutions to Financial Institutions, Fintechs, MNOs and Governments. Transact Payments provides a number of payment solutions with which we can support you.

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