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End-to-end peace of mind

Taking the seed of an idea to a finished product requires careful management of the supply chain. From card processors to manufacturers to KYC providers, the role of the program manager is to integrate each stage successfully into a single seamless project.

Transact Payments have partners who can manage all or part of the supply chain on your behalf, supporting your program from inception to launch.

What does a program manager do?

The primary role of a program manager is to control and co-ordinate the various organisations and entities that make an end-to-end card solution possible. While a bin sponsor provides access to the network and ensures regulatory compliance, the program manager works within this framework to ensure that card production, design and processing is implemented correctly.

Why do we work with third party program managers?

An important part of becoming a specialist in any sector involves understanding the value of complementary businesses around you.

As leading bin sponsors you can rely on our knowledge and expertise in helping you to negotiate the crowded and complex world of regulatory compliance. But you can also take confidence from the fact that we work with other industry leaders to deliver an end-to-end package.

We partner with industry-leading program managers, processors and card producers to maximise security, minimise inefficiencies and ensure that your payment solution is as powerful as it can possibly be.

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