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We don’t do half-baked payment solutions

There are many ingredients to a successful international payment product. Not least because each territory often has its own legislation and regulations to comply with. So, whether you are an experienced program manager or a FinTech start-up you want to know that your BIN sponsor has the measure of things.

We pride ourselves on being the experts in our field and the most trusted business in our field. We never cut corners or make false promises. Instead, we steer clients towards compliance, helping them meet their objectives through a tailored and truly bespoke service.

Our licenses have been successfully Passported into the UK, EU and EEA member states allowing us to issue prepaid, debit and credit card programs across Europe.

At Transact Payments we have built a reputation as the experts in payment and card solutions. We provide flexible UK and European BIN sponsorship and modular payment, debit, credit and prepaid services. We are licensed UK and European e-money institutions and Principal Members of both Mastercard and Visa.

Meet the Team

The Transact Payments team, combine TPL and TPML that have a wealth of experience, built over the last 20 years, in providing expert solutions for our partners.

Sergio Gandolfo

Risk Manager

Louise Ayala-McCarthy

Head of Project Delivery

Noel Smith

Business Development Director

Carlos Guzman

Head of Technology

Joanne Deaves

Head of Client Relations

Justin Farrin-Thorne

Operations Manager TPML

Finding payment solutions.

Moving money quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively has never been more important to businesses and consumers. At Transact Payments we are committed to making the flow of funds around the UK and Europe a frictionless experience.

As e-money institutions we act as BIN sponsors to both regulated organisations and non-financial institutions looking to run prepaid debit and credit card programs. We can also provide clients with an end-to-end service and assist them in bringing a new product or service to market, either directly or through collaboration with trusted partners.

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