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Financial service solutions that add value

The corporate payments market is a fast-growing part of today’s banking landscape. As technology has progressed, both consumers and service providers have embraced innovations that make transactions a smoother, frictionless process.

Increasingly, businesses are also looking to support their marketing, sales and corporate activities with payment solutions such as expense cards, gift cards and affiliate commission cards, as well as a range of cardless solutions.

Our corporate payment solutions enable transactions to be processed and money to be moved in new and innovative ways.

The future of electronic payments

There are many challenges to overcome as businesses attempt to trade with greater agility and flexibility. Making the shift from manual, paper-based processes and fragmented banking products can be difficult, particularly for those organisations trading across international borders.

At Transact Payments our corporate payment solutions are created to help organisations achieve greater control and transparency over their payment processes. We are able to support corporates in a number of ways, including:

  1. Virtual account solutions
  2. Automated collections and reconciliation by providing accurate identification of the payer and invoicing details
  3. Real-time reporting
  4. Standardised connectivity between corporate customers and their payment services
  5. Availability of banking information through APIs and online portals
  6. Complete outsourcing to Transact Payments.

Co-branded cards and payment solutions

Through branded customer cards and loyalty programs, companies can strengthen relationships and enhance their brand recognition. We partner with leading program managers and processors to ensure that organisations get the most from their co-branded cards. From design to functionality we will remove the hassle from your card solution.

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Work with Transact Payments and we will ensure that your corporate payment solution is not only fit for purpose but offers market-leading flexibility.

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Ready to work with us?

Payments Made Simple! Our mission is to become the global leader in providing payment service solutions to Financial Institutions, Fintechs, MNOs and Governments. Transact Payments provides a number of payment solutions with which we can support you.

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