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Sponsoring cardless technical solutions

TPL is able to provide sponsorship of E and M-Wallet technical solutions, supporting product innovation with whole of market expertise.

Moving money has never been as fast and as flexible as it is today. Behind every FinTech innovation or transfer we are working hard to ensure that complex regulations are complied with to make sure that life is made easy for the end user.

The Internet has made it possible to move money across multiple countries and currencies at the click of a button or the touch of a screen via E-Wallet and M-Wallets. Our role is to ensure that these transactions take place lawfully and meet the strict requirements of each territory.

We offer a catalogue based service offering. This enables partners to build a bespoke set of support requirements. Thanks to our partnerships with leading program managers and processors, we can help to facilitate the quick transfer of funds.

What is an E-Wallet?

An E-Wallet, otherwise known as a digital wallet is a secure place for one or more currency purses. These pots of money can then be used to buy goods or services. Millions of transactions already take place each day around the world, via both computers and mobile devices. The number of people doing business in this way is only set to grow, making it increasingly important to ensure a smooth, compliant setup.

To create an E-Wallet, the card provider must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to verify the identity and eligibility of an individual or business. As a licenced E-Money institution, we are able to provide sponsorship of E and M-Wallet technical solutions.

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Ready to work with us?

Payments Made Simple! Our mission is to become the global leader in providing payment service solutions to Financial Institutions, Fintechs, MNOs and Governments. Transact Payments provides a number of payment solutions with which we can support you.

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